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Colvin June 2016 Newsletter: Celebrate Summer!

Get Ready For Summer, Sun & Fun! Time to pack up those winter clothes & slip into shorts.

Summer has finally arrived in Buffalo. Beautiful sunny days means changing your wardrobe and saying goodbye to your winter jacket for the next few months.

June is also the month where we celebrate Father's Day! So we hope you take advantage of our "Father's Day Month Special!" See details below.

Enjoy the warm weather and spending time with your father,

Colvin Cleaners & The Billoni Family

Suits 2 Troops Event held by Veterans OneStop with Suit Cleaning and Altering Done by Colvin Cleaners

In addition to remembering the men and women who have served our country to protect our freedom over the past Memorial Day weekend, Colvin Cleaners is also actively participating in the Veterans One Stop "Suits 2 Troops" endeavor. Here is a write up about their annual event:

On Saturday May 21, 2016, Veterans One Stop held their annual “Suits 2 Troops” giveaway. The charity provides two business suits to veterans so they can dress nicely for interviews and other important events in their lives. Veterans say without the giveaway they wouldn't have access to that kind of clothing.

“I get one check per month and I have to live off of that. So whenever I get (something) extra that's great,” said Marine Corps veteran Joseph Parker. “It's great they're doing this.”

Organizers for the event say they collected around 400 suits this year and have plenty left over.

Veterans are invited to go to the Veterans One Stop Center any day and pick out a suit. Vets can then also take them to Colvin's Cleaners and get their suits tailored for free.

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