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Ellicott Elite Program: 4034 Rensch Road

10% discount on ALL Services

Simple & Convenient

Pick Up & Delivery Days:

Tuesday & Friday

Program Information


Pick Up & Delivery


Your pick up and delivery days are: Tuesday and Friday. We provide a green bag and a door hook. Please have your bag out by 8 am for your driver. Just leave your green bag outside your door and we will pick it up. Then, we will deliver your cleaned and pressed items back to your door hook.




Simply write any tailoring instructions on the Quick Slip we provide and we will take care of them. If you need a professional fitting, stop in during our fitting room hours (M-F 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM) and we will deliver your altered items back to you.




Save Time & Gas



We’re Green, so we recycle EVERYTHING! Just put your plastic and hangers back in your green bag with your dirty clothes and we will recycle them for you. Simple and convenient for you!

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