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Tailoring & Alterations

Our full tailoring department will always give you the perfect fit. Colvin Cleaners has quality alteration, tailoring and repair services available. We have six full time tailors on staff and a full tailoring department which includes two in-house dressing rooms for on site fittings and last minute fixes to ensure you’re on time and looking great!


Our in-house seamstresses in Buffalo, NY, along with our tailoring team, make it easy to get the perfect fit.
We alter and repair dresses, suits, skirts, gowns, pants, costumes, jackets and more! Each garment is unique and the pricing for some items may vary. 

Before and after each appointment, we disinfect the fitting area. All of our team members wear masks. Additionally, we require a face mask to be worn during your appointment. If you do not have one, one will be provided to you. 

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