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Our Story


In 1931 Phil and Angeline Billoni founded Colvin Cleaners on Colvin Boulevard in North Buffalo. A tailor by trade, Phil specialized in tailoring with dry cleaning as a secondary skill set. They were the only employees for years.


As business grew, they moved in 1938 to a larger storefront in Kenmore, and in 1943, they remained in the village by purchasing a building at 2375 Elmwood to house its plant and finishing operation. It remains the company headquarters today.


Today, Paul is president of Colvin Cleaners and Colvin Draperies. His son Christopher is the Vice President of the company, and his daughter Erica is the Restoration Manager for the restoration branch of the company called Colvin Restoration.
Colvin Cleaners provides dry cleaning, tailoring, restoration, and other services across the Buffalo/Niagara region of WNY. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and premium quality. Our award-winning dry cleaning capabilities are second to none.


With the use of innovative green technology, your garments will be cleaned and finished by some of the best garment care specialists in New York. 


“The business is a passion of love with a great deal of pride in continuing a tremendously successful family business,” Paul said. “We have a great family name to uphold, and we are all looking forward to celebrating our 100th year anniversary in 2031."


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