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Stains vs. Buffalo Foodie Staples

Wearing that all white outfit while going to grab a cup of joe? Dribble some drops on that brand new suit you bought while out for dinner?

Basically, what we're saying, is that food, fun & stains go hand in hand (in hand). And while people mostly hate stains, at Colvin Cleaners, we love them! So here is a list of the worst stains you can get on your shirt vs. the best places in Buffalo to go get stained. Let us worry about the mess!

  1. STAIN: Coffee/Tea vs PLACE: Spot Coffee: Let's face the facts. In the morning when you're running around getting ready for work, you're still half asleep! The best thing to do for yourself is to head on down to Spot Coffee. This Buffalo joint is sure to get your adrenline flowing and your mind awake with large coffees, grande macchiatos and Paula's donuts to boot. Plus, enjoy the atmosphere with their unique artsy canvases lining boldly painted walls. Reserve a table for your morning meeting. And don't forget, coffee and tea stains are yesterday's news to us, so don't even worry about it.

  2. STAIN: Peanut Butter vs PLACE: Anderson's Ice Cream: The saying is "let's all scream for ice scream" and not "let's scream because our kids spilled peanut butter topping all over their clothes!" This is a nightmare for Buffalonian parents who want to treat their children to something fun to do in Buffalo by taking them to Anderson's for a couple scoops of delicious ice cream topped with silky, mouth watering peanut butter. But it all turns sour when the same peanut butter is slopped all over your 5 year olds new white dress. Don't worry! Colvin Cleaners is the best thing to happen to peanut butter since jelly! We can get stains out in a snap, even if your children are a little nuts! (Get it? :)

  3. STAIN: Berry Juice vs PLACE: Mighty Taco: We love tacos, burritos and buffitos here at Colvin Cleaners. And you know what, the worse stain to come out of Mighty Taco isn't even from your quesadilla. In fact, the stain most feared from this fast food restaurant from Buffalo food heaven is a juice stain from none other than the Loganberry. Native to Buffalo and full of unique history to WNY, Crystal Beach loganberry juice is critical to any Mightly Taco meal. But boy does it pack a powerful stain! But it's nothing that we can't handle. Eat ten tacos and slurp down delicious loganberry juice without fear of spilling. Any stain you manage to make, we can clean it right out!

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