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Colvin August 2015 Newsletter: Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Everyone's favorite super power: the power of being green! Colvin Cleaners wants to give you that power.

We are the only GreenEarth dry cleaner in WNY so we are able to truly say that when you are one of our customers, you are making a difference for future generations and the health of the Earth.

Our dry cleaning solvent (what we use to clean your clothes) is an organic cleaner that leaves your garments feeling fresher, smelling better and staying brighter! We love being able to provide both extreme customer service and a product that doesn't destroy the environment.

Plus, we encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle! This way we work together to create a better community for our customers to live in. Being green just makes it that much easier!

Thank you!

The Colvin Cleaners Team

Take a Tour of Our Plant

Looking for something fun, educational, and FREE to do with your children? Stop by and have a tour of our awesome production plant and learn the science and fun behind our GREEN dry cleaning process! Plus, at the end, they get a balloon, or in other words, everyone wins!

Go Green Tips and Tricks

Get rid of using Bags!

Start composting or mulching your leaves and grass clippings instead. It's so much easier than bagging, better for the planet and better for your lawn and garden's health.

The Good & Bad of Sunscreen: When sunscreen and sweat mix the metallic particles get 'locked' in clothes. The particles are like rust and when dry, orange stains can appear. Using a bathroom cleaner, apply dry, rub and leave on for 10 minutes, then wash out with an oxygenated cleaners.

Tips for Cleaning Green at Home Try cleaning the windows in your home with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a half gallon of water.

Use a clean, lint-free rag, an old cotton T-shirt, or cloth diaper to clean with.

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