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Table Linen Cleaning Tips

As holiday season rolls around, more and more people will be pulling out table cloths and linens to add to their seasonal decor. But, what happens if you take out your special linens and a stain is still there from last year? Or, if right before your holiday party, someone accidentally spills some red wine on your perfectly white tablecloth? Well that's where Colvin Cleaners comes in!

Our cleaning process is a perfect way to make sure that you have the most beautifully clean and pressed linens as possible. Not only does dry cleaning ensure that colors stay bright and cheery, but it extends the life of the table cloth. Also, no matter the shape or size, we can press your table cloth so all of the fine hemming and details look gorgeous on your table for any party or event.

Regular cleaning is actually good for pure linen, as it softens and beautifies it, giving it a lovely 'lived-in' look. As linen fabric gets rid of dirt more easily than other textiles, having it dry cleaned makes it look as good as new every time. Make sure you take advantage of our special this month and have your home and table looking perfect for the holiday season!

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