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Colvin January 2016 Newsletter: New Year, New Clothes

Get a tailored fit in 2016. Happy New Year! At Colvin Cleaners, we have the same resolution as last year: to provide EXTREME customer service, on time, with a smile!

As you settle into the new year, what better way to make sure you're looking and feeling good in your new clothes than to come in and see our tailors? At Colvin Cleaners, we have a full tailoring department that will always give you the perfect fit. We can make alterations and do fittings in as little as the SAME DAY or the next day.

In addition, our on-site dressing rooms are great for fittings and last minute fixes to ensure you're on time and looking great.

Some of the garments we specialize in include: Dresses, skirts, gowns, pants, costumes & jackets. To learn more about all that we do, visit our tailoring page. This year, don't settle for clothes that don't fit. Let Colvin Cleaners give you a great fitting garment stress-free.


Check out the ugly sweater contest Colvin Cleaners had over the holidays. We would let you know who the winner was, but there are no winners in an ugly sweater competition! Thank you to our awesome staff.

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