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Colvin February 2016 Newsletter: Sweaters and Drapes!

Reasons You Should Dry Clean Your Sweaters. 1. The ability to properly clean and care for your sweater collection could very well add many years to the lifespan of each sweater you own.

2. Heat can easily damage wool fibers, as can water and bleach. So, putting wool sweaters in a washing machine is the last thing you want to do. The best way to treat wrinkles in wool is by using steam, and the best way to wash wool sweaters of stains or dirt is to get them dry cleaned.

3. The best way to preserve the color and texture of your wool sweaters is to get them dry cleaned in chemical free cleaner, like GreenEarth. This cleaner is gentle on clothes, odor free and environmentally friendly.

#ColvinInTheCommunity True Bethel Baptist Church rolled out its “Shepherd’s Closet” bus, handing out gloves, hats and scarves to children waiting for school buses and others on city streets. Donations of items to give away on the bus have come from church members as well as people all over the city. The clothing racks were donated and installed by Colvin Cleaners.

Curious to see how our Take Down, Clean & Rehang Drapery Service works? Our complete drapery cleaning service will leave your home feeling renewed and beautiful. Our techs schedule appointments, take down your window coverings, bring them to our store to be professionally cleaned, and bring them back to hang correctly in your home. Contact us today for an appointment!

#HelpfulTipsfromColvin With all of the ice and snow, we want you to be able to protect your garments while they are out on your porch! Use your plastic (that comes wrapped around each piece of clothing) to hold your green bag. This way, your clothes stay safe from Buffalo's winter.

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