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Spring Cleaning with Colvin Cleaners

Let Colvin Help You With Spring Cleaning!

1. UGGS: You don't want to put away your nice uggs with salt stains and winter wear and tear! Let us get your uggs (and other suedes and leathers) looking "like-new" before you store them for the warm seasons.

2. DRAPES: Window garments are something we all forget to clean. Dust collects for years and years and we never do anything about it! This spring, let our drapery technicians take the hassle out of cleaning your window garments. They will take down, clean and rehang your window treatments as part of our full drapery cleaning service! Make an appointment today! 3. COMFORTERS: Did you know you should clean your comforter 4 times a year? This routine cleaning helps get rid of bacteria and dirt so you and your family can have a better night's rest. Just remember, when the season changes, it is time to get your comforter dry cleaned!

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