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Looking for Colvin Cleaners Coupons? Reel in Our Monthly Dry Cleaner Specials!

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We know everyone loves a good deal! So why not a good deal on dry cleaning?

At Colvin Cleaners we offer consistent and relevant monthly specials based on the season and time of the year. This means you will see coupons for sweaters in the winter, or we will take off 30% for polos and khaki shorts in the summer. We also want to help you maintain a clean household, so we offer specials on comforters and bedding during changes of seasons, as those items should be cleaned 4 times a year to prevent a buildup of dirt and bacteria!

Our specials and coupons are usually 20-30% off and are applicable for the whole month.

How do I make sure my Colvin Cleaners coupon gets applied to my order?

Great question! When we run our monthly specials, we put out a tagline for the coupon. For instance, in January, the tagline is “January Special.” If you are a pickup and delivery customer, all you have to do is write this on your quickslip in order for the special to be applied. If you bring in your orders over the counter at our dry cleaning store in Kenmore, NY all you have to do is mention the “January Special.” Each month, the tagline is the same, except instead of being January, it would be whatever month we are in.

When Will I know what the Specials or Coupons for Colvin Cleaners are?

Every month we send out a newsletter containing the special and details about the service we are discounting. The best way to learn about the special is to make sure you open that email. We also post a flyer at the counter letting everyone who walks in know about the monthly special. If they mention the coupon, we go right ahead and discount their order! If you are not receiving this email or you would like to be on the list, go ahead and let us know by email

Also, we always post dry cleaner coupons and specials on the top of our website and on our Facebook page!

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