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Tailoring & Alterations to Get You the Perfect Fit at Colvin Cleaners

Updated: May 21, 2021

In WNY, people know Colvin Cleaners for our dry cleaning services. But did you know we have also been in the tailoring business for almost 100 years? Our tailors work alongside our cleaning team to make sure your garments are returned to you beautifully. If you are wondering what type of alterations our full-time tailors in Buffalo, NY can do, here is a general overview:

  1. Hems & Buttons: Clothes look better when they fit just right! Our tailors will hem your garments so they flatter your body. We can hem pants, skirts, jackets, shirts, you name it! Also, fixing loose buttons is a must. Our team of tailors will make sure your buttons are in tip-top shape. And, if you’ve lost a button, don’t worry! We will find one that matches and sew it on for you.

  2. Zippers, Linings & Cuffs: We get asked all the time what type of work our tailors can do…can Colvin Cleaners replace a zipper? Can we redo the lining of your suit coat? Can we make your shirt sleeves the right length? The answer is YES! At Colvin Cleaners, we replace zippers, fix linings of garments and we can shorten or lengthen anything you need.

  3. Book an Appointment Online: At Colvin Cleaners, just make an appointment to be seen by our tailors. Some repairs can be done while you wait. Others will be done the next day. Our on-site fitting rooms make it easy for you to try on clothes. We have floor length 360 degree mirrors so you can see how your alterations look on you! This is especially helpful for wedding dress alterations and bridal party alterations. Check out our wedding page here to see how our tailoring team specializes in wedding dress and bridal attire.

  4. Tailoring Magic: Do you wish that all of your pants fit like your favorite pair of pants? Do you wish that your favorite hoodie could be turned into a zip up? Do you have some fabric lying around that you want turned into a beautiful skirt? At Colvin Cleaners, we can help you with all tailoring and alterations projects. We have many customers that send in a garment that fits them perfectly, and we are able to adjust new clothing to that garment’s dimensions. This ensures all of their clothes fit just right. We get custom request from people and we are more than happy to abide! Whatever your idea is, we are excited to perform a consultation with you and see what we can do.

Colvin Cleaners tailoring team is here for anything you need. Our mission is to make your clothes look great and fit amazing! Learn more about our tailoring services here. If you are interested in tailoring pricing in Buffalo, NY, you can check out our basic tailoring price list here. And don't forget, route customers can write tailoring or alterations instructions on their quickslip and we will make sure they are made by your next delivery! Or stop by in our store to use the fitting rooms with our tailors, we will do the alterations, and then deliver it back to your home or office.

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