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Baseball, Buffalo & the Billoni family. What do they have in common?

2020 has definitely been a crazy year for the world, and for all of us here in WNY. But, I am really excited to that it is ending on a positive note for my brother, Mike Billoni. After years of hard work, he has helped publish The Seasons of Buffalo Baseball book.

An update and revision of the classic 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball, this new book takes a deep dive into seasons from 1857 to 2020, capturing everything from the Bisons early 19th century days in the National League to the past 33 years at the ground-breaking Sahlen Field.

You may be asking yourself -- what does this have to do with dry cleaning? Well, Colvin Cleaners is actually featured in the book, due to our involvement with the feature film The Natural starring Robert Redford. It was filmed in Buffalo, and Colvin Cleaners was the dry cleaner for the film! And as a family-owned business for nearly 100 years, I am excited to show support for my brother and our community during the release of this nationally acclaimed book.

On another note, we heard from a customer that was also involved with the movie and remembers getting his costume cleaned by Colvin Cleaners:

"As a customer and a friend of the Billoni Family, I want you to know that I was one of those extras for whom Colvin Cleaners dry cleaned my wardrobe. I had two costumes: One for the 1929 scene shot at Central Terminal, and one for the 1930's Rockpile scenes. I wore that one every freakin' day throughout August and September. I always remember going to wardrobe and seeing my suit, shirts and tie dry cleaned by Colvin...until that ugly day in September when the production company started to run out of money and the extras wardrobes were no longer dry cleaned...that was not fun :)"

-- Howie Greene, Board Member, BFLO Hall of Fame Experience

Trustee, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

Member, President's Community Advisory Board, Buffalo State College

From myself and the whole Colvin Cleaners team, we are so proud of my brother Mike. His contributions to the WNY community and the baseball history here in Buffalo are unparalleled. Congrats to Mike and all involved with the book.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can do so at this link:

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