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Colvin October 2015 Newsletter: Dry Cleaning for the Change of Season

Autumn is Just Around the Corner. Another beautiful season in Western New York.

Welcome to Fall! This month, we are excited to announce our 6th annual Coats 4 Kids program! With the weather changing, now is a perfect time to look through your closets for jackets or coats that you no longer wear. By donating them to our Coats 4 Kids program, you can give a child the gift of warmth this Winter. You can bring in any donations to our store or put them with your pick up order in a separate bag labeled "Coats 4 Kids."

For more information, visit our Colvin in the Community page to learn about our programs.

Thank you!

The Colvin Cleaners Team

Clean Your Comforters with the Change of Season! We spend one third of our lives sleeping. That’s a lot of time spent in bed! This means that your bedding should be cleaned regularly to help extend the life span of your bedding and for hygienic reasons. All types of allergens and germs build up over time onto our bedding that can pose risks to our health if you are not cleaning your sheets. Some of the things you might be sleeping with if you don't clean your bedding include dust mites, dead skin cells, oils, sweat, bodily fluids & food crumbs.

Sheets and Pillow Cases- These items undergo the most use and contact and should therefore be cleaned weekly. Down & Feather Pillows- Depending on how much you sweat at night pillows should be cleaned 2-3 times per year. Blankets- Should be cleaned 1-2 times per month or more depending on how often they are used. Comforters- Comforters should be cleaned 4 times per year. A great schedule to keep would be to clean them with each new season.

Coats for Kids 2015

Every year we begin a coats collecting initiative designed to keep kids warm in harsh winter climates. With many families with young children struggling in tough economic times, there is always a clear need to provide warm winter coats to children in their communities.So this fall, clean out your closets and send any unwanted winter garments to our collection areas. We can't wait to help distribute the gift of warmth to WNY throughout the Fall and Winter of 2015 and beyond.

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