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Coat Care Tips from Colvin Cleaners

Jackets and coats are expensive. That is why it is important to keep them looking and feeling brand new as long as possible! Here are some easy tips we recommend to keep your coats "like-new."

1. Use a coat brush instead of a lint roller. Using a brush with natural bristles is best. By doing this, you will remove both lint and surface soil.

2. Send your down jacket to the dry cleaner. We can make sure that the down stays in place. Unlike washing down in water, dry cleaning is less harsh and can be done more often to sanitize and clean the garment.

3. Do you have a zipper that is stuck? You can use a bar of soap! Just run it up and down the track and open and close the zipper a couple of times. This should lubricate the zipper enough to make it function as normal.

4. Send all leathers and suedes to Colvin Cleaners! We can make them look new and spot clean any stains. Although these types of jackets don't require a lot of care, having them cleaned annually will extend their life.

5. Always hang jackets on very sturdy hangers. This ensures that the jackets shoulders keep shape. And, when putting away in the closet, don't pack coats too close together. This can cause crumpling and it is better to let them breathe.

6. Always clean your coats before and after the chilly season and time to time during heavy use. This keeps jackets looking and smelling great. Especially when you bring them to Colvin Cleaners to be cleaned in our GreenEarth process!

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