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How To Clean & Respect an American Flag

The American flag is an amazing symbol of patriotism here in the United States. And, with 4th of July just behind us, it might be time to clean your American flag. However, maintaining and cleaning an American flag respectfully takes great care.

At Colvin Cleaners, we clean American flags for FREE. We believe in making every flag look brand new with bright vibrant reds and blues and shining white stars.

Additionally, if you would like to retire a flag, you can give the flag to Colvin Cleaners and we will dispose of the flag properly for you by burning.

If you are on the route and would like a flag cleaned, please mark it "clean only." If you are on the route and you would like a flag destroyed, please put it in a separate bag and mark "destroy flag."

Here are some tips on how to use the American flag, how to clean an American flag and how to dispose of an American flag properly:

1. The American flag, also known as the national flag, represents the United States as a living country. Therefore, it is considered a living entity and should be respected as though it has life.

2. Customarily, the American flag should be displayed from sunup to sundown. However, with proper lighting during the night hours, you can display the American flag for 24hrs per day.

3. The American flag should be above all other flags and pennants. If at the same height, nothing should be placed to the right of the flag.

4. When the American flag is posted at half-staff, it must be first raised to the top of the flag pole and then lowered to the half-staff. Before it is taken down, it is raised to the top of the flag pole again first.

5. All American flags should be dry cleaned only. However, in areas where dry cleaning is not available, washing is acceptable to clean a flag.

6. Flags that are old, worn or torn should be destroyed, in private, by a proper burning procedure. This honors the history of the flag and the country, as well as those who have served the United States of America.

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