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Area Rug Cleaning: An Easy Way to Make Your Area Rugs Look Like New

Dirty rug got you down?

Nothing brings a room together like an area rug. Comfy, cozy...and dirty? 🤔 We can't have that! Colvin Cleaners' environmentally-friendly cleaning process gets the dust, dirt, and grime out of all area rugs. Plus, with our FREE pick up & delivery service, you don't have the hassle of transporting your rug or cleaning it yourself. 😎 We return your rug back in a "like-new" condition. Plus this month, you'll get 25% OFF All Area Rug Cleaning. There are only a couple items to note about area rug cleaning with Colvin Cleaners: 1. Give us a heads up if your rug is larger than 5x7. Our drivers may need to bring an extra hand and we'd love to know ahead of time! Give us a call or put a note on your account. 2. Rugs must be outside waiting to be picked up. Unfortunately our drivers are unable to come in any home due to COVID-19 restrictions and scheduling. Please have your area rug ready for easy pick up! 3. When your rug is clean, we will deliver it back to your home! Thank you for choosing to clean your area rugs with us, Colvin Cleaners


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