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Sweater Cleaning - Let Colvin Cleaners Clean Your Sweater!

Sweaters are wonderful during the cold winter months when you're trying to keep warm and cozy. However, cleaning them can be a pain. They can become scratchy, stretched out, and lose that comfy feeling.

But there is a solution! You can clean your sweater at Colvin Cleaners! Here are some reasons to use Colvin Cleaners to keep your sweaters comfy, cozy, and bright:

1. The ability to properly clean and care for your sweater collection could very well add many years to the lifespan of each sweater you own. #favoritesweater :)

2. Heat can easily damage wool fibers, as can water and bleach. So, putting wool sweaters in a washing machine is the last thing you want to do. The best way to treat wrinkles in wool is by using steam, and the best way to wash wool sweaters of stains or dirt is to get them dry cleaned.

3. The best way to preserve the color and texture of your wool sweaters is to get them dry cleaned in chemical free cleaner, like GreenEarth. This cleaner is gentle on clothes, odor free and environmentally friendly.

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