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COVID-19 Statement from Colvin Cleaners

Over the course of the last few weeks, our WNY community has been experiencing dramatic changes due to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation unfolding in our region and beyond. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this epidemic -- it is truly unprecedented. We wanted to communicate some important information regarding Colvin Cleaners and our FREE Pick Up & Delivery serviceGreenEarth cleaning, and dry cleaning/laundry in general:

We want to reassure you that if you are currently a Colvin Cleaners' customer or looking to become a customer, you should feel comfortable sending in your garments and household items to our facility. Our management team and staff members are taking all precautions as advised by the CDC and NYS mandated guidelines. We are continuously disinfecting our facility. Additionally, we provide FREE Pick Up & Delivery which can help with social distancing and human interaction. You can sign up for that service here.

Or, if you come into our store, we have an "On My Way" number to call (716.873.2952) to let us know when you will be arriving. Our staff can take payment over the phone and bring the clean items out to your vehicle so you don't even have to get out. Whatever you need during this situation to feel more comfortable, our Colvin Cleaners' team is there for you. Of course, all those who want to continue coming into our storefront should feel comfortable doing so.

FREE Pick Up & Delivery is available for ALL customers. Click here to sign up for this service.

Colvin Cleaners' is the ONLY GreenEarth dry cleaner in WNY. GreenEarth sent out a communication to our team earlier this week and we wanted to relay a portion of it to our customers (see below). Additionally, we wanted to communicate that Colvin Cleaners' is adhering to the best practices outlined by GreenEarth and the CDC during this situation, but moreover, as we do every day when handling our customers' garments.

"GreenEarth has received numerous follow-up calls asking for advice on how to protect employees and what kind of concern there should be for contaminated clothing. The CDC states that dry cleaning is effective at killing nearly all viruses and bacteria, however the exact temperature and time required for coronavirus is not yet known. If coronavirus acts like other known viruses, then it too is killed in the drying phase of dry cleaning, hot water wash (at 60C/140F), and when pressing or steaming clothing with a hot steam press. We suggest, if you haven't already, to have a team safety meeting to review the best practices outlined in this CDC link which you can print and distribute." ​​

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 716.873.2952 or email

Our management team is ready and standing by to help our community during these extenuating circumstances.

Thank you,

Colvin Cleaners

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